PAUL MERSON COLUMN: Leicester’s charge, Rafa Benitez exit, Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea?

IF YOU are Romelu Lukaku, why would you go back to Chelsea?

I can understand it from their point of view. He’s a great striker who will score you loads of goals. But he wants Champions League football.

Chelsea can’t give him that next season. And there’s no guarantee they will qualify for it next season either under new boss Antonio Conte.

They’ve finally announced him, which will help them start to sign players. But I’m still not sure he’s the right man.

He doesn’t speak English. He’s never managed in the Premier League. And he still has this match-fixing thing hanging over him.

If he comes to Chelsea and tries to manage the Italian way the players could turn on him like they did with Jose Mourinho.

He’ll struggle if he tries to be the disciplinarian and impose an Italian way of life on them. I think he’ll lose the players if he tries that.

He was successful in Italy but it’s very different here. They build slowly from the back in Serie A, but that’s because nobody presses you. Everybody does here.

He also likes to play with three at the back – but in this country most teams play with one striker. I’m not sure it will work, and I certainly can’t see them winning the league.


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