PAUL MERSON COLUMN: Arsenal transfer activity, West Ham scandal, Conte under pressure

WHAT is happening at West Ham? I find it extraordinary.

They had a terrible transfer window and now their top transfer guy is being accused of racism!

I’ve read what Tony Henry is supposed to have said in an email about African players ‘causing mayhem’ when they are not in the team.

I honestly don’t know how, in your wildest dreams, you ever send an email like that.

He’s been rightly axed as I don’t see how he could have survived in those circumstances.

If he was worried about foreign players coming and struggling to adapt quickly enough I can understand it, because clubs do have those concerns sometimes.

But to make it all about Africans is just stupid. How will the other players in the squad who are from that part of the world react?

It’s just a stupid thing to say anyway. Players like Yaya Toure and Sadio Mane have been huge success stories at their clubs. Maybe it says more about West Ham.

And what about English players? They sulk, too, when they’re notplaying, believe me.

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