PAUL MERSON COLUMN: Arsenal and Arsene Wenger are in a crisis

I think he has to play Xhaka this weekend as well. If I’ve been bought for £32m I expect to be playing, otherwise I’m going to ask some serious questions.

There’s not much point spending all that money on a sub is there?

I just don’t see it with Arsenal this year. They haven’t learned. You only have to look at the Liverpool game.

Wenger should have looked at it, realised he had no defenders and decided to dig in, defend deep and try and get something on the break.

But it was the same old Arsenal. You have a shot. We’ll have a shot. And they got torn apart. It was so predictable.

I don’t know how Arsenal fans put up with it. But they will not be happy if they lose to Leicester. And that just puts more pressure on you then.

There were already murmurs and boos after the Liverpool game and that is not a good sign.

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