Okore blasts Black as exit looms

Jores Okore has indicated he could be prepared to walk away from Aston Villa after a fall-out with caretaker boss Eric Black.

Aston Villa: Okore blasts Black as exit loomsAston Villa: Okore blasts Black as exit looms

Okore has told Danish outlet BT that he has been placed in the Under-21 team and he does not know if he will get another first-team chance this season.

A host of players are expected to depart Villa Park this summer following the club’s relegation and it would seem as if the 23-year-old Denmark international could be one of them, although Okore hasn’t ruled out remaining with Villa and seeing out the final year of his deal.

He said: “I have unfortunately been relegated to U21 team. There currently is a situation between me and the manager. I’ve said things straight out to him, and it has then resulted in me not being a part of the first team squad right now.

“I told him that I think I deserve a fair chance to play and perform, and I think I’ve done well enough in the few matches… but the manager was not happy with it, and therefore he pulled me down to the U21 team.

“It’s a little sad actually. My daily life is that I go out and train with the young players and then just keep myself in physically good shape, so I’m ready to seize the next opportunity I get, when the coach wants me to play a match for us. It’s just to keep in as good shape as possible.

“It’s hard to say what’s going to happen. I would obviously like to play at as high a level as possible, but it may also be that I will be at Aston Villa and complete my contract.”

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