Now Germans DEMAND we leave the EU: ‘We’ve never even liked the British’

Speaking over footage of the day, she said: “The mother is wearing a summer curtain from Jenny Packham. The father a jumper from Primark.”

The video, which was aired before Germany allowed over a million refugees into the country, scoffs at Britain as they claim the UK has not let in enough Syrian refugees and refuses to provide anything for the EU.

Gruber said: “On one hand England is showing no solidarity in the issue of refugees.

“They are against immigration, they slow down the financial transaction tax. In short: they are annoying as hell,with their special wishes.”

The footage has caused anger among viewers on YouTube, where it has been watched nearly 180,000 times.

One of them said: “How dare the Germans who we saved from dictatorship and terror under Hitler laugh at us like this. It is a great benefit to humanity that to this day you are still under military occupation by the United States and are essentially impotent.”

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