Newcastle boss Rafa Benitez issues Roy Hodgson revelation ahead of Crystal Palace clash

Benitez, 57, says his family sometimes tell him he should stay at home.

But when he starts arranging plates and glasses into a 4-4-2 formation on the kitchen table, they know they cannot keep him from the game he loves.

Ex-England boss Hodgson returned to club management in September with Crystal Palace, who today host Benitez’s Toon.

And asked if he could still be in the dug-out at Hodgson’s age, Benitez said: “At the moment, I have to say, ‘Yes, obviously’. I like my job and the passion of football. You have managers doing the job for years because of the energy they have, the passion and the desire for winning. With the desire for winning I have, I cannot see a normal life for myself.

“My wife, especially, will say, ‘Haven’t you had enough? Stay here’. But at the same time, when you are at home and you are moving plates and glasses around the kitchen in 4-4-2, the family say, ‘Go!’

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