New EU threat to your pension: Expert says vote leave to protect retirement pots

“The bilateral tax treaty between the UK and the other country will fix the rights of the countries to tax. Lack of coordination of national TINs could lead that due to a person/ business is registered in the UK as under its name while in the other country under a national number.”

Ukip MEP Stephen Woolfe warned that the powers would see Britain dragged into complete economic union with the failing euro zone.

He said: “Law after law, the EU is slowly eroding away powers on tax from the democratically elected UK government. The EU is moving towards further tax harmonisation by centralising powers in Brussels.

“Looking at future proposals, it’s clear that other directives on tax are coming down the line in the form of a common EU corporation tax and an EU financial transaction tax.

“Ultimately, these tax powers are a step closer to full economic union. It proves that the EU is not about trade, it’s about politics and the erosion of the nation state, to create a single, federal Europe in the shape of a United States of Europe.”

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