Mount Teide: Canary Islands call for urgent analysis of volcano after Tenerife quake swarm

A meeting was convened by the Office of Territorial Policy, Sustainability and Security of the Government of the Canary Islands under the Special Plan for Civil Protection and Emergency Response for Volcanic Risk in the Canary Islands (Pevolca) to discuss the potential causes of the ‘unusual’ seismic activity recorded on Sunday.

The Governmemt has sought to calm fears after more than 90 miniquakes were recorded at Mount Teide National Park, sparking fears of an eruption. The Government acted quickly to downplay the tremors as ‘completely normal.’

Now a number of seismic experts have been brought in to investigate the cause of the tremors.

Director of the National Seismic Network (NSN), Emilio Carreño, said the quakes were ‘tectonic’ rather than volcanic.

NSN, which is an agency of the National Geographic Institute (IGN) confirmed there was a “tectonic aspect” relating to the movement of the plates and the structure of the earth’s crust at Teide National Park.

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