More proof of meddling: Britain loses ‘more than 75 PER CENT’ of cases taken to EU court

And over the last decade, the UK has been defeated 41 times in the court, according to the findings.

Critics said the defeats show how little influence the UK has in EU institutions. 

The research also confirmed that European judges rather than British politicians were in control of UK law, Vote Leave said. 

High profile rulings included the court’s decision in 1981 to outlaw reductions in duty on beer. 

As a result Chancellor Nigel Lawson was forced to add 2p to a pint of beer in his 1984 Budget. 

In 1986, the European Court of Justice nullified the UK’s right to opt out of the Social Chapter, a charter of social rights including a directive on working hours. 

In 1998, the court refused to strike down a global ban on on the export of British beef following the mad cow disease outbreak. 

And last year, Luxembourg judges outlaws the UK’s reduced VAT rate on “energy saving materials” designed to cut the cost of home insulation. 

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