Millwall: Warnock and Harris not amused by referee Steve Martin

Harris remains adamant Millwall were denied a “definite” penalty early in the second half when Lee Gregory was tripped inside the area by Sean Morrison.

Warnock, who angrily approached Martin on the pitch after the final whistle, described the official’s performance as “consistently poor” but also denied Harris’ claim that Morrison had recognised a penalty would have been the correct call.

Millwall goalkeeper Jordan Archer had by then made several fine saves to keep his team level, and eventually ensure third-placed Cardiff will finish the weekend outside of the Championship’s automatic promotion places having scored once in their past four games.

“It’s a definite penalty,” said Harris, whose team sit 16th. “When you’ve got 20,000 people in a stadium and the only person who doesn’t think it is is the referee: someone’s got to be wrong.

“He got it completely wrong. Sean Morrison’s honest enough to say ‘I pulled you back and clipped your heels’; you can’t do anymore than that. It’s a foul and changes the game, maybe gives us three points (and leaves Cardiff) down to 10 men so I’m really disappointed.

“Clearly today the four of them (referee and officials) weren’t up to it.

“Steven’s a good guy and a good referee; I don’t think it was one of his better games. He’s honest as well, so if he’s got it wrong he’ll admit to it.”

Warnock, regarding his confrontation with Martin, explained: “I pointed to the stand and asked if he enjoyed the applause.

“I thought they were playing opposites at one stage: there was a corner and he gave a goal-kick, there was a goal-kick and he gave a corner, a free-kick for them when it should have been ours.

“He was consistently poor: he started off bad and fell away. The applause he got from the fans at the end, I’ve never heard so much vitriol.

“Apparently Morrison’s admitted this, that and the other; well Morrison said to me the kid’s dived, and if you watch the video, he never touches him, he goes down like a sack of…

“It’s a wonder it wasn’t given really, because theatricals actually got free-kicks throughout the game, so we might have got away with one with the linesman.

“(And) we felt Morrison was pulled back in their box.

“In the first half (Archer’s) made three great saves, hasn’t he? But you should put at least one away and it’s a different game then; all their time-wasting tactics are out the window.

“It’s our own fault, we had some good opportunities and couldn’t do it.”

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