Migrant seized every SIX MINUTES: Yet more evidence of Britain’s border security shambles

We were finally handed the information this week, although the Home Office refused to reveal the number caught trying to enter the UK on forged documents.

The damning dossier shows the number of unsuccessful stowaway attempts has risen fivefold since 2013 when 16,008 migrants were seized. In 2010 the figure was just 8,517. Between January and March this year there were 9,946 attempts, or 110 a day. 

Former Defence Secretary Liam Fox said: “These figures are truly shocking. The Daily Express has revealed the migration crisis is already at Britain’s gates and that our current border force, although they do their best, are woefully under-equipped to deal with pressure on this scale. 

“If 84,000 were caught last year, how many got through? We don’t know who they are, and we don’t know what their intentions are. If Britain cannot protect its borders, then she cannot protect her citizens. In two weeks, every one of us has a duty to say no the political failures of the European Union, say no to uncontrolled migration and vote to leave.”

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