Presuming you haven’t been living beneath a rock, you’ll no doubt have caught wind of the fact that Lionel Messi appears to have called time on his international career once and for all.

An emotional Messi announced his decision to retire immediately following Argentina’s 4-2 loss on penalties to Chile in the final of the Copa America Centenario on Sunday. The defeat marked his third consecutive time falling short at the final hurdle in an Argentina shirt, with losses in the 2014 World Cup and 2015 Copa America finals as well.

Of course, the football world had a field day with the big news, and within hours the #MEXIT hashtag (a reference to Brexit) was trending, as shocked fans around the world expressed their feelings on the matter.

Here’s hoping that Messi comes to his senses and allows the wider world to re-run a second MEXIT referendum.

Toe Poke can’t cope with missing out on Messi in action.