May fires starting gun on Brexit as she announces UK will take back laws from Brussels

Mr Davis will also dismiss suggestions that the Government intends to use Brexit to roll back workers’ rights, pointing out that in many areas, including annual and parental leave, UK law goes further than the minimum offered under EU law. 

He will add: “To those who are trying to frighten British workers, saying, ‘When we leave, employment rights will be eroded’, I say firmly and unequivocally, ‘No they won’t’.” 

The European Communities Act means if there is a clash between an Act of Parliament and EU law, the latter prevails. Judgments by the European Court of Justice are binding on the UK and other member states but the new Bill will end the court’s jurisdiction here. 

Mr Davis will argue that it demonstrates a determination to deliver the will of the British people, expressed in the EU referendum result, to ensure that Britain makes its own decisions.

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