Mauricio Pochettino opens up on last season’s heartache: I wanted to kill the team!

“I wanted to kill all of them!”

Mauricio Pochettino

Pochettino did not want to go into precise details, adding: “I have two ways to explain, one official, one not official, one polite and one not polite. I prefer to be polite, and to be a gentleman.

“Football is tactical, physical and technical, but it is also mental. More mental than many years ago.

“And today, to be strong in your mind, and how to improve, is important.

“We need to know how to improve our mental state to move on as a team. This was key in the last few games in last season.

“It is not tactical, it is not philosophical, because after two years we know very well how we need to play. It is here in our heads that we need to improve.”

Spurs infamously went into meltdown at Stamford Bridge on May 2 as they became the first team in Premier League history to pick up nine yellow cards in a single game as they drew 2-2 with Chelsea to end their title hopes.

After the match Moussa Dembele was handed a six-match ban by the FA for gouging Blues striker Diego Costa in the eye.

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