Mauricio Pochettino: My Tottenham side must play tough, not cautious

Pochettino said: “When I first arrived in Spain with Espanyol it was the same.

“It’s about identity. We are an English club and, for me, it’s important to provide a good balance between the players and to keep the culture.

“We are living in England, English culture is important and you can’t be in an English club using Argentinian culture, or French, Italian, or whatever.

“It’s important for the foreign players who come here know that they have to integrate themselves into the English culture, and not the opposite way.

“It happens a lot, not just in football, but in football if the manager is Argentinian, he brings a lot of Argentinian players, people or Spanish people, for me it does not work.

“It was my own idea. I’ve not copied anyone. It’s worked so far. So far, so good.”

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