Mannone targets big scalps

Sunderland keeper Vito Mannone is excited by the prospect of taking on the Premier League big spenders, starting with Manchester City.

Sunderland: Mannone targets big scalpsSunderland: Mannone targets big scalps

The Black Cats keeper says the big spenders of the top flight are in a different world to Sunderland and the rest of the teams and he is not a fan of the mega-money being splashed out.

Despite not being able to compete in that sort of market, Mannone admits he is looking forward to taking on the big boys, starting with Manchester City on Saturday evening.

“It’s a different world to us at the moment,” Mannone told the Echo.

“I have been in a very good team like Arsenal who never spent money on a defender, so it’s Man City and we know they have the big transfer budget, they can do that.

“Personally, I don’t think it is right, but that’s football nowadays. “You see the big money for players and surely they think he is a very good player and have gone for it.”

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