Man United midfielder Juan Mata blasts fellow footballers for earning too much money

“Compared to the rest of society, we earn a ridiculous amount”

Juan Mata

“Compared to the rest of society, we earn a ridiculous amount. It’s unfathomable.

“With respect to the world of football, I earn a normal wage. But compared to 99.9 per cent of Spain and the rest of the world, I earn a silly amount.”

Mata also blasted the attitude of football’s young stars and accused some of them of being arrogant.

The World Cup winner added: “I can understand what they’re talking about. The business side of football makes it seem as though the owners are now more important than the fans.

“Every player thinks he’s Diego Maradona when he joins a big club. That happens to all of us – but then you notice it in the younger players.

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