Madrid to supplant Milan as top footballing city

What ever happens in the UEFA Champions League final at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on 28 May, the city of Madrid will have taken two European Cup records off Milan.

Up until this season, AC Milan and Internazionale Milano between them had won the competition ten times and reached a tally of 16 finals; as many wins as Real Madrid’s own ten and one final appearance more than the Merengues and Atlético’s combined total.

However, as there will be an all-Madrid final for the second time in three years, the only one-city finals in the competition’s history, the Spanish capital is guaranteed to become the European Cup’s most successful city on 11 wins. With both their teams in the decider, Madrid will leap from an aggregate 15 to 17 final appearances, also snatching away Milan’s record.

In the UEFA Champions League era, Madrid will be celebrating its fifth victory, one more than Milan (whose tally of seven finals the city is matching) and Barcelona.

Madrid is also by far the most successful capital in the European Cup, with Amsterdam next on four wins thanks to Ajax, and Lisbon having had seven final appearances courtesy of Benfica. Thanks to Arsenal and Chelsea, London has had three UEFA Champions League finalists and, like Amsterdam, one win.

As for performances in all three of UEFA’s current and past major club competitions, Madrid is also guaranteed to move one ahead of Milan’s total of 15 successes. Madrid already led Milan in UEFA competition final appearances before this season and are now 26-23 up, though no city can match London’s total of four different winners and five separate finalist clubs. If Liverpool win the UEFA Europa League final their city will join Madrid and Milan on double figures.

2014: All-Madrid final

European Cup wins by city (including 2016)
Madrid 11 (Real Madrid 10 or 11, Atlético Madrid 0 or 1)
Milan 10 (AC Milan 7, Internazionale Milano 3)
Munich 5 (Bayern München 5)
Barcelona 5 (Barcelona 5)
Liverpool 5 (Liverpool 5)

European Cup final appearances by city (including 2016)
Madrid 17 (Real Madrid 14, Atlético Madrid 3)
Milan 16 (AC Milan 11, Internazionale Milano 5)
Munich 10 (Bayern München 10)
Barcelona 8 (Barcelona 8)
Turin 8 (Juventus 8)

Milan legends on San Siro

UEFA Champions League wins by city (including 2016)
Madrid 5 (Real Madrid 4 or 5, Atlético Madrid 0 or 1)
Barcelona 4 (Barcelona 4)
Milan 4 (AC Milan 3, Internazionale Milano 1)
Manchester 2 (Manchester United 2)
Munich 2 (Bayern München 2)

UEFA Champions League final appearances by city (including 2016)
Madrid 7 (Real Madrid 5, Atlético Madrid 2)
Milan 7 (AC Milan 6, Internazionale Milano 1)
Munich 5 (Bayern München 5)
Barcelona 5 (Barcelona 5)
Turin 5 (Juventus 5)

See past Milan finals

UEFA club competition wins by city (including 2016)*
Madrid 16 (Real Madrid 12 or 13, Atlético Madrid 3 or 4)
Milan 15 (AC Milan 9, Internazionale Milano 6)
Barcelona 9 (Barcelona 9)
Liverpool 9 (Liverpool 8, Everton 1)
London 9 (Chelsea 4, Tottenham Hotspur 3, Arsenal 1, West Ham United 1)

UEFA club competition final appearances by city (including 2016)*
Madrid 26 (Real Madrid 18, Atlético Madrid 8)
Milan 23 (AC Milan 14, Internazionale Milano 9)
London 20 (Chelsea 8, Arsenal 5, Tottenham Hotspur 4, West Ham United 2, Fulham 1)
Barcelona 16 (Barcelona 14, Espanyol 2)
Liverpool 13 (Liverpool 12, Everton 1)
Munich 13 (Bayern München 12, 1860 München 1)

*European Cup/UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup/UEFA Europa League, European Cup Winners’ Cup

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