Ludogorets’ ‘little bit of Brazil in Razgrad’

What’s different about life here compared with Brazil? Is it difficult being a long way from home?

Wanderson: It is difficult, but it’s become easier because of having a lot of Brazilian team-mates. That makes us feel a bit more at home. It was really hard at the beginning, everything was new and different, but thank God everything is good now.

Jonathan Cafú: The main difference is that Razgrad is really small, over there it’s big. There are many things that my city [Piracicaba] has that Razgrad doesn’t.

Highlights: Basel 1-1 Ludogorets

Highlights: Basel 1-1 Ludogorets

So there are lots of Brazilian players. Do you stick together, speak Portuguese and maintain your habits from Brazilian culture?

Jonathan Cafú: Yes. All the Brazilians here are very humble. During our breaks we get together to have a barbecue, which is typical in Brazil. We have a little bit of Brazil here in Razgrad.

Wanderson: We do practically everything together. Apart from training together every day, we’re also always talking and we go out for lunch or dinner together. There’s a really strong friendship among the Brazilians here.

PSG have some excellent Brazilian players like Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Maxwell and Lucas. Are you excited about competing against these compatriots of yours?

Jonathan Cafú: Yes, I am. Even when we were in Brazil I watched them playing for big teams, and now we’re over here ready to play against them in the Champions League, in one of the most-watched competitions in the world. So yes, it’s very exciting.

Wanderson: Very happy. I’m really happy about being able to play abroad and against fellow Brazilians. I’ve already had the opportunity to play against Lucas when he was at São Paulo, so I’m delighted.

Thiago Silva & Marquinhos (Paris)Thiago Silva and Marquinhos are two of the Brazilian players at Paris©AFP/Getty Images


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