Louis van Gaal issues rallying cry to his Man United team ahead of ‘D-Day’ derby

“I’m never felling under pressure. I do what I have to do. Expectations can be too high”

Louis van Gaal

“I think the gap will be too big. I think then it is seven points and we have to play eight matches maybe, then it is very sharp to recover from that gap.

“It is still possible but I think it’s difficult then because West Ham United is also in front so it is not only City but West Ham United.”

Van Gaal accepts United are under achieving and below their target which he claims was a top-three finish.

He said: “Our purpose was to reach in the top three I think because we want to do it better than last year.

“We are below expectations then you have to analyse I think. But you don’t have to agree with me, but then you have to analyse the circumstances.”

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