Liverpool Uncovered: Jurgen Klopp’s Anfield revolution analysed by players and coaches

The Supporter: Andy Heaton from The Anfield Wrap fans’ podcast and website

It’s easy to get carried away by Jurgen Klopp, his personality, presence and clever turn of phrase is a perfect fit for a fan base that needs a messianic figure to identify with and get behind.

Despite last season’s campaign ending on a whimper, what marked the close season was not the naval gazing that has too often accompanied the summer months over the past decade but a real sense of anticipation for what the new season would bring.

The fog of inertia and lack of firm direction has surrounded the club for over a decade.

This has dissipated and while the journey to restore Liverpool to its former glory is a long one, it feels like we can finally see the path.

Fight, grit, determination, aggression, a commitment to attack and a distinct lack of bull**** has bridged a discernible gap between the pitch and the stands.

The atmosphere at Anfield now is at as high a watermark as the madness of 2005. From doubters to believers? You bet.

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