LISTEN: Arsene Wenger on Arsenal fan frustrations and anti-Wenger protests

Arsene Wenger has admitted he shares the same frustrations as Arsenal fans, following a number of protests at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday evening.

The Gunners secured an easy 1-0 win over Norwich City, but the game was marred by a series of anti-Wenger chants, and banners being held up claiming fans want the French boss out.

The protests are understandable, given that Arsenal have fallen from title favourites to potentially missing out on Champions League football since the start of 2016, and Wenger himself shares the same feelings as many of the people wanting him to leave.

When asked if he understands the frustrations, Wenger said: “Yes, because for a long time in the league we were in a position where we could win it. Our fans believed we could win it, but in the end we didn’t, so of course I understand.

“I share the frustration. You don’t spend 19 years at a club, and just walk out there and don’t care! It’s my life. I give every drop of energy to it.”

Wenger has often been granted extra faith from the fans due to the excellent football Arsenal play, even when results have been below par.

However, recent performances have been drab, and whilst the boss understands the football has not been too enjoyable, he believes the most important thing is to keep winning.

He added: “We respect the opinion of our fans, and we want them all to be behind the team, and after that [the win], I think they were all behind the team.

“I think today it was a subdued performance so we didn’t raise them off their seats, but we were serious and we won the game. Just not in the needed style and the way we want to play.

“I think the atmosphere was a bit strange, but we won the game and that’s what we wanted. We want to make all our fans happy. Not just 80%, but 100%.”

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