Leicester’s title triumph shows how far Chelsea have fallen

In truth it was a sign of the times.

Chelsea have fallen so low that providing the title for their former boss Claudio Ranieri at Leicester is the highlight of a very poor season.

These two teams don’t like each other one little bit.

Last night came over a bit 1066 – as in the year of the Battle of Stamford Bridge, when the invading Norwegians were repelled in Yorkshire and 11,000 were left dead.

In west London at least it wasn’t bloody, but the testosterone levels were sky high with niggles, digs and flashpoints left, right and centre.

Chief culprit was Mousa Dembele, who went in for some aggro early on, standing on Cesc Fabregas.

That was nothing compared to what happened just before the break though.

A mass brawl threatened to break out on the touchline.

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