Leicester duo Danny Drinkwater and Jamie Vardy open up on journey to England squad

DD: You just look at him as an idol. I have watched him since I was a little kid. I couldn’t have much of a better teacher. In the back of my mind, I thought this was probably half-gone, but I have worked hard. I have got into a team where everything ticks, everything works well. It was never, ‘Could I get back up to that stage?’ It was get your head down, work hard and see what happens really. You can always have self-belief. Leaving a club like United was huge. It was a low, but look what has come of it.

Why has it taken so long for you to get recognition?

DD: I haven’t changed as a player. I am not doing anything massively different. I guess when the whole team is doing well, and you are at the top, people take note of what you are doing. If it is down to confidence then that is quite high at the minute. I am playing probably the best football I have played.

How has life changed for you, Jamie?

JV: I wouldn’t know. I don’t really leave the house. Literally, it is train, home, kids, dogs, my missus and it is time to go to bed.

Do you never sit down and think for 10 minutes what you have done? A Hollywood producer wanted to make a film of your life…

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