Leicester among Champions League seeds

UEFA Champions League debutants Leicester City are set to be in Pot 1 in the group-stage draw in Monaco on 25 August after winning their first English title.

Since 2015/16, Pot 1 for the group draw is formed by the holders and the champions of the top seven associations as per the UEFA association club coefficient rankings at the end of the 2014/15 season that formed the 2016/17 access list. The remaining three pots will be formed as per the UEFA club coefficient rankings at the end of the 2015/16 season.

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Juventus will be Pot 1 as Italian champions

Pot 1 for 2016/17 group stage draw
Holders: tbc
Spain: tbc
England: Leicester City
Germany: tbc
Italy: Juventus
Portugal: tbc
France: Paris Saint-Germain
Russia: tbc

If the UEFA Champions League winners also finish top of their domestic league, the champions of the eight-ranked nation (Dynamo Kyiv of Ukraine) will receive the eighth place in Pot 1.

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Dynamo Kyiv could be seeded, but not if Manchester City win the European title

Current coefficients of other teams qualified for group stage
Real Madrid (ESP)* 171.685
Bayern München (GER)* 160.978
Barcelona (ESP)* 158.586
Atlético Madrid (ESP)* 139.685
Benfica (POR)* 116.616
Borussia Dortmund (GER)* 109.978
Bayer Leverkusen (GER) 88.978
Basel (SUI) 87.755
Dynamo Kyiv* (UKR) 65.936
Sporting CP* (POR) 51.616

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Rostov could earn a debut from Russia

Places vacant
Holders: 1**
England: 2
Italy: 1
France: 1
Russia: 1
Netherlands: 1
Belgium: 1
Turkey: 1
Play-offs: 10

**If the holders have earned a group place via the domestic league, the UEFA Europa League winners will be given a bye to the UEFA Champions League group stage from the play-offs.

  • If the access list needs to be adjusted once all the participants are known and admitted, priority for the UEFA Champions League will be given to the winners of the domestic championship (in accordance with the entry stage as per the access list). The adjusted list will be announced by UEFA.
  • The club coefficient rankings are based on results over the last five UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League campaigns, and are still subject to change between now and the finals of the two competitions.

All information is subject to final approval from UEFA

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