League titles: English regions ranked by most championships won in 128 years of league football

Leicester City’s Premier League title success is remarkable on so many levels, but it also marks a return to the days when the championship could be claimed by ‘provincial’ clubs.

In the post 1992 Premier League era, only Blackburn had previously taken the title away from the giants of Manchester and London.

But English league football’s history stretches way back beyond the top division’s break away from the Football League 24 years ago.

The first English league champions were crowned way back at the end of the 1888/89 season, when the Football League was dominated by clubs from the North West and East and West Midlands.

Since then, 24 clubs have claimed at least one title, but which regions have been the most successful?

Find out in the slideshow above.

*English regions are divided into the following: London, South East, South West, East of England, West Midlands, East Midlands, North West, Yorkshire and the Humber, North East. Welsh clubs also participate in the English league system.

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