League table: All-time English top flight ranking by points won (Premier League and First Division)

Leicester stand on the brink of a remarkable first ever top flight title.

Meanwhile, Bolton Wanderers – not so long ago flying high in the Premier League – have been relegated to the third tier.

The Foxes were in the English league’s third division as recently as 2009, which sums up the fluctuating fortunes football clubs often enjoy (and endure).

But these instititutions date way back beyond the last few seasons, in many cases to the 19th century.

So, if an all-time top flight table was constructed, how would it look?

Take a look at the top 25 clubs, based on points won* in the top flight throughout their history, to find out.

*All statistics correct up to 10 April 2016. Points awarded based on the points system applied at the time.

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