League Cup final preview: Carragher on Liverpool and Man City’s Wembley showdown

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“Manchester City’s main strength as a team is that they still have the best individuals in the Premier League. The reason why they have won the title a couple of times in five years is down to Sergio Aguero, Yaya Toure, David Silva and Vincent Kompany. They’ve been the best, or among the best, in their positions in the league. Even if some of them are coming more towards the end of their careers now, they’re still top players. Without them you really notice the difference.

“I also don’t think that 4-1 loss to Liverpool [last November] is going to have a massive effect on City. They were just poor on the day, but they’re a better team than Liverpool. The league table shows you that. But what it does for Liverpool is give them belief that they can win on the day.

“Each team has two key players, really – and in similar positions. It’s Aguero and Silva for City, while for Liverpool it’s Daniel Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho. If those pairs of players can link up and perform, they are both match-winning combinations.”


Sky Sports will show the Capital One Cup Final as part of 17 live football games this weekend

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