Kane not finished yet

Tottenham striker Harry Kane said he was confident his goalscoring form was not going to be for just one season.

Tottenham: Kane not finished yetTottenham: Kane not finished yet

Kane is once again battling it out for the Golden Boot but he got off to a slow start to the campaign and that led to accusations he was a one-season wonder.

His goal at Anfield on Sunday was his 22nd of the season and that means he has now netted more than last season.

“Yes there was a lot of talk at the start of the season [about a one season wonder] but I have a lot of self-belief, I believe in my ability,” the England international told the Daily Mirror.

“Whenever anyone tells you you can’t do something or that you’re not as good as you think you are, you want to prove them wrong.

“Of course I want to do the best I can for myself anyway, but when people are telling me I can’t do it, it makes it even better for me when I go out there and work hard and do what I do and achieve what I achieve.

“Obviously, I’ve gone ahead of last season but it doesn’t stop here — there are six games left for me to try to get as many goals as possible.”

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