Jurgen Klopp interview: Liverpool boss plays down Dortmund return and eyes shock result

“The night before the game if they (the Dortmund players) are alone in their room and start thinking: ‘We started like this, no one had big expectations.’ That’s the truth. It could happen.

“But they are really strong, they are a really good side and they are the favourites for the title, that’s how it is. They are second in the German League, still in two or more competitions, they can still be champions in Germany. They can win the cup, that’s all true but now they play against us and that’s all we need to know.

“If we can show a few of the things we have showed in the last few weeks, plus a few more good things, then we are in the race.”

Liverpool appear swayed by Divock Origi’s work-rate and energy, over Daniel Sturridge’s brush strokes of genius, but should the moment arrive when they plunder an away goal there should be no doubting what will follow.

“I will celebrate of course,” said Klopp. “I did it when I came back to Mainz with Dortmund, and I was there for 18 years.

“If, after seven years, they don’t know me well enough that my team should score and I will celebrate….

“If it’s in the first minute I don’t know, I won’t go running down the line. But if it’s important, if it’s decisive, in this moment that’s what happens. It’s not that I plan this but I will not go there and take some pills that mean I won’t celebrate a goal.

“I did everything for Mainz. I did everything for Dortmund and now I do everything for Liverpool. It is like it is.”

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