Jose Mourinho’s mystery text: Who was incoming Man United boss sending this message to?

Louis van Gaal

Everyone’s a winner, no? Jose gets a new job, LVG gets a big pay-out and he can jet off into the sunset. If that isn’t great news, what is?

Eva Carneiro

Oh actually, maybe not. We reckon Jose might have deleted her number as soon as she was given the boot by Chelsea. Awkward.

Jorge Mendes

Super-agent Jorge can see pound signs in his eyes. His client Mourinho is set to take home £11.75m a year when he takes charge at Old Trafford with Mendes getting a nice chunky cut of it.

Wayne Rooney

Well come on, he didn’t exactly like Van Gaal did he? Oh, and add to that the fact Jose wanted to sign him a couple of times at United. A matchmade in heaven.

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