Jose Mourinho: This is why Man United do not want to be in the Europa League

“This is not a competition that Manchester United wants”

Jose Mourinho

“This is not a competition that Manchester United wants,” Mourinho said.

“It is not a competition I want, it is not a competition the players want. But it is a competition where we are and that’s the reality.

“We have to look to the competition with respect. We want to win it and that is the way we will approach it.

“It’s true that is more difficult to win the Premier League when you are playing in the Europa League.

“It would be better if we had the privilege of playing on a Monday after a Thursday night game to have one more day (recovery).

“But we haven’t been given that privilege and, in fact, the gift we have been given is to play Liverpool on the Monday BEFORE not the Monday after.

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