Jose Mourinho: Paul Pogba will prove why he is the best midfielder in the world

“I don’t see him in training trying to do things to show that he’s different, to show that he’s better.

“I think his impact will be something very natural, something that. maybe for your eyes, will not become an ‘impact’, but in my eyes it will be a progressive impact of contribution to improve the team, because that’s what he’s here for, to win trophies, so I see a very natural process.

“I’m not expecting, the first time he touches the ball, to dribble five guys and score a wonder goal.

“I expect the first time he touches the ball to make a correct pass, a good selection of passes, a good choice, a good simple execution and the game fluid.

“So, maybe it’s not an impact, maybe just a natural improvement of the team, because he’s a super football player.”

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