Jonas Gutierrez was thrown out of Newcastle ‘like a bad dog’ claims his mother

“I just wanted to take my own life at the club’s door”

Monica Montore

Addressing an employment tribunal in Birmingham, Ms Montore claimed she discussed the issue of suicide with one of her son’s lawyers, Colin Pomford, in January 2014.

Ms Montore told the hearing: “I was so distressed at what they had done to Jonas that I just wanted to take my own life at the club’s door.

“I was going to leave a letter to say what a terrible way they had treated Jonas.

“He returns from his operation to have lost a testicle – from a hit on Newcastle’s pitch… he returns from that operation and they throw him out like a bad dog.”

In a written witness statement submitted to the tribunal, Ms Montore, a company director who lives in Argentina, said she acted as her son’s manager in respect of key professional decisions and had selected Pedro Bravo as his agent in June 2008.

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