John Aldridge: My advice to Liverpool star Daniel Sturridge

“He’s just got to keep working on his fitness, working in training and doing everything he can to get back to full sharpness”

John Aldridge

He told The Liverpool Echo: “I think you can tell that he’s not at 100% yet. It’s maybe taking him a little longer to get that explosiveness back in his game, and I think that’s frustrating him.

“I watched him closely on Saturday, and I would like to see him moving across the line more, dragging defenders out of position and running in behind. That’s his game.

“At times on Saturday he was dropping into midfield and coming deep for the ball, and that’s not what we need from him.

“I know he wasn’t too happy when he came off, and fair enough, but for me it was the right call. We needed a bit more threat in behind and to be a bit more direct, and Origi gave us that when he came on.

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