Jermain Defoe: This is my advice for Wayne Rooney

But England remains on his radar.

“Maybe Sam would have got me in,” he said. “Roy Hodgson? No chance but with Sam, when he got the job, I said, ‘Gaffer, you better put me in!’. He just said, “If you start the season good, we’ll see what happens’.”

“I like Gareth, I’ve always liked him. When I was young, I used to play against him and while he obviously did his job, he was always nice while someone like Martin Keown would always pinch me and elbow me.

“But I’m quite relaxed about England.

“I just want to score goals and win games here and if, at the end of the season, I’m up there with the top goalscorers in the league then I’ll be happy.”

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