JEREMY CROSS COLUMN: The FA need Neville, credit to Hart, Pogba’s disaster start

At least he had the guts to stick his reputation and neck on the line in the first place, unlike Rio Ferdinand, Paul Scholes and Jamie Carragher, who earn fortunes talking a good game without having to try to deliver one.

Neville spent his entire playing career learning the game at Manchester United under Fergie – and that is a background no amount of money can buy.

It doesn’t guarantee him success, of course, but such an education has to count for something. People like Neville are the ones the FA should tap into, not just abandon.

There are not too many Nevilles around. Eddie Howe could be a future England manager while Sean Dyche is also a promising boss at Burnley.

But Neville is being allowed to walk away from a game that still needs him, despite the fact he now believes he doesn’t need the game.

The FA should find him a role that would still see him benefit the future of English football – and do more to persuade him to take it. Neither side should just give up.

Neville has brains, but he’s made the wrong decision and it is now down to those in power to make him realise this before he’s gone for good.


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