JEREMY CROSS COLUMN: Mourinho and Guardiola double act, Brook’s battle, Westwood a risk?

But the Germans should clean-up their own act before slinging mud in the direction of Manchester.

Last week it emerged their greatest ever player, Franz Beckenbauer, is being investigated by FIFA over his role in Germany’s successful bid to host the 2008 World Cup.

To cut a long story short, Mourinho has breezed into Old Trafford, assessed his squad and decided Schweinsteiger has no major role to play in it.

He wants his side to operate at pace and Schweinsteiger, for all his qualities, doesn’t have enough of the stuff.

Mourinho hasn’t admitted it in public, but he knows Bayern Munich sold United a dud when the midfielder joined them last summer in a £13m deal.

He wasn’t fit when he arrived, never got fit and spent large chunks of his time last season swanning around the world watching his new wife, Anna Ivanovic, playing tennis.

Louis van Gaal cut him too much slack and Schweinsteiger was only too happy to grab it when he should have been training hard to recover from various injuries.

Mourinho can do what he likes. He’s the manager and the onus is now on Schweinsteiger to show some bottle and fight to get back into the United team.

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