‘It’s time to STOP this propaganda’ Marine Le Pen SLAPS DOWN BBC journalist over Brexit

Leader of the Front National (FN) Ms Le Pen has continually promised the French people their own referendum, a ‘Frexit’, if she comes to power. 

Buoyed by the UK’s vote to leave the superstate on June 23, nationalist parties across Europe have been vocal about being given the option to decide their own fate. 

In the interview, BBC’s Stephen Sackur pressed the 48-year-old over her promise to hold a Frexit in the wake of the falling pound. 

He said: “The British pound is now at historic lows acrossforeign currency, we see huge uncertainty provoked by businesses across the world saying they are very concerned about Britain.

“Why would the French want to follow that model?”

But the feisty Frenchwoman fiercely hit back at the scaremongering questions, putting Mr Sacker firmly in his place. 

She said: “Sorry but don’t you think it’s time to stop all this propaganda? That’s it. They voted. 

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