‘It’s reckless’ Sturgeon SWIPES at May for NO Brexit plan as she storms to independence

The First Minister, who has already acknowledged her party’s need to win over No voters from the 2014 referendum, said her independence campaign will mark a “new conversation and a new debate for these new times”. 

The SNP leader was cheered by supporters when she announced plans for a summer initiative to boost support for leaving the UK at her party conference in March this year. 

She called Brexit claims “meaningless soundbites”, as she launched a scathing attack on the Tories. 

Ms Sturgeon criticised a lack of “planning, direction and detail” over what the UK’s future relationship with the EU will look like, branding the party “absolutely disgraceful”.

And as Prime Minister Theresa May held meetings at Chequers to thrash out a Brexit plan, Ms Sturgeon criticsed the cabinet meeting. 

She said: “Any hope of some common sense from Chequers this week turned out to be in vain. What emerged instead was evidence that the hard-line Brexiteers really are now running the show.”

In the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, and with Labour in-fighting increasing the prospects of the Tories remaining in power at Westminster, the SNP is time is looking again at Scotland’s constitutional future. 

The “seismic changes” that took place over the summer will have a “deep impact”, Ms Sturgeon said.

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