Is Mourinho the right man for the job?

Manchester United had barely basked in their FA Cup glory, before Louis van Gaal was reportedly sacked as their manager.

Despite beating Crystal Palace at Wembley on Saturday, it wasn’t enough to keep the Dutchman in a job.

Many United fans, like brothers Charlie and Jack Johnson, agree with club.

“He’s got to go,” Charlie told Newsbeat minutes after he saw his team lift the cup.

Man Utd fans react to news about Jose Mourinho.

“Fair enough he’s won the FA Cup but he hasn’t done enough for United this season. We haven’t even got the Champions League. Van Gaal has to go.”

Jack agrees “I think he’s living off a reputation.

“He hasn’t got the charisma, energy or characteristics a United manager needs.”

Man Utd fans react to news about Jose Mourinho.

It’s reported that Manchester United are set to appoint Jose Mourinho as their new manager.

It’s believed a deal was agreed in principle before United’s FA Cup final win.

But 16-year-old Harvey Boyle says that’s not good for the club.

“I think he’s too cocky, the way he is with the media and the press, I don’t think he’s good enough.

“He’ll bring negativity. Players don’t like him.”

Harvey wants to see a manager like Atlético de Madrid’s Diego Simeone take on the role.

“He’s quality. He’d make the players do things. He’s a man manager.”

Man Utd fans react to news about Jose Mourinho.

Manchester United Lisa travelled to Wembley from Belfast. She agrees with Harvey.

“LVG has to go. That’s good for United. He has to go.”

But unlike Harvey, she reckons Mourinho is the right person for the job.

“Mourinho will bring success. He’ll bring more showpieces.”

Marcus isn't sure Mourinho is right for the job.

We spoke to 26-year-old Marcus on Wembley Way after the match. He was pretty shocked to hear that van Gaal had been sacked.

“Interesting. Come out the stadium and get a new manager. How about that after winning the FA cup? Not usual is it.”

He’s not sure Mourinho should replace van Gaal as manager.

“I’m not convinced.

“He hasn’t given youth a chance in his last job. Is he going to scupper our plans?”

Is Mourinho the right man for the job?

On Newsbeat’s Facebook page, Niggs Devani wrote “Classless club. Talk about appointing another manager on the day their current manager who may I add still has a year to run left, wins them a cup.

“Two arrogant forces becoming one. Sounds like a match made in heaven.”

Whilst Borris Badger wrote “Um, Man U finished 5th and won the FA cup. Most football teams would be extremely happy with that. Are they that arrogant and up their own backsides to believe they have a god-given right to win premier league titles and qualify for Europe?

“No loyalty or gratitude in football anymore. Thank god there are teams like Leicester!”

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