IMMIGRATION FARCE: ‘Impossible’ to know how many migrants are in Britain

But Migrant Watch’s analysis of figures over the last five years has revealed that on a study of Eastern European states such as Romania and Bulgaria alone there are at least 50,000 more National Insurance numbers issued a year than officially recognised in the migration figures.

It means that net migration to the UK is running at least 375,000 with 220,000 from the EU dwarfing 155,000 from the rest of the world.

Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: “This analysis casts serious doubt on the accuracy of our immigration figures.

“The ONS have recognised that they undercounted EU8 migration between 2004 and 2010.

“It now seems very likely that the undercounting of EU migration has continued and, therefore, that net migration from the EU is now greater than that from the rest of the world taken together.”

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