Iker Casillas: This is the real reason why I fell out with Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid

“The year started as normal in January and Mourinho thought there was a team-mate who was better than me, in Antonio Adan, who is phenomenal and a great kid, and he puts him in,” he added.

“I can’t say anything to him, because he’s the coach, he puts in who he wants. Then there are opinions… Then came my injury in January.

“After that, all I hear about me is crap, crap and more crap. The only thing I wanted was for my hand to recover, to get back to training with the group and compete, but my place had already been occupied by another person.

“The boss thought it right that he should play and I couldn’t say anything. But then there were the gestures in the press conferences [when Mourinho said that he liked Diego Lopez more] and the things he did.”

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