HUMILIATED: PM’s Brussels propaganda plot in TATTERS as 100,000 back petition to BLOCK it

Jayne Adye, of Get Britain Out campaign and who launched the petition, said: “For the Prime Minister to send out clearly biased propaganda to every household in the UK at taxpayers’ expense in an attempt to swing the referendum vote is disgusting.

“Allowing one campaign to spend more than another campaign is not how a mature democracy should conduct a debate on the biggest issue facing the Great British Public – our membership of the EU.

“The argument should be won on the strength of the argument and the true facts – not lies, and without a doubt, not because of the amount of money thrown behind it.

“The ‘Remain’ campaign understands the popular arguments are not on their side, whether it’s democracy, security or immigration, they have failed to convince the people of this country.”

“Please sign Get Britain Out’s petition to ensure this referendum is fair and seen to be fair.

“Both sides should spend equal amounts of money, and neither side should be able to use the power of Government and our money in an attempt to skew the debate.”

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