How teams can reach the round of 16


Spain: Have qualified for the round of 16 and need a point against Croatia to take top spot.

Croatia: Need a point against Spain to guarantee second place, but must beat Vicente Del Bosque’s team to finish first. Croatia are guaranteed a top-three finish, and would likely go through in third place with four points.

Czech Republic: Must beat Turkey, and also hope Croatia lose to Spain, to be in the top two. Second place would then be decided on goal difference, and if that finishes identically, it moves to fair play. Going into the final game, Croatia are on four disciplinary points and the Czechs on two. As in other instances, four points might be enough to go through regardless. If it goes to UEFA national team coefficient, Croatia are higher than Czech Republic.

Turkey: Must beat Czech Republic and hope three points is enough for a place in the knockout rounds, though their heavy defeat to Spain makes that unlikely.

Highest points total possible for third: Four
Lowest points total possible for third: Two


Italy: Have qualified for the round of 16 as group winners as they hold the head-to-head over Belgium.

Belgium: Need a point against Sweden to secure second place.

Sweden: Must beat Belgium to go through in second, no other result is likely to send them through, and even then there is the outside chance that Ireland could overtaken them on goal difference. A draw is unlikely to be good enough if they were to finish third on two points.

Ireland: Have to beat Italy, and hope Sweden beat Belgium to have a chance of finishing second. Even then, the Irish would have to beat Italy by at least two more goals than Belgium win to go ahead on goal difference. If goal difference and goals scored finished identical it would go to fair play — Ireland currently have three disciplinary points and Sweden two. If Ireland and Belgium both win, but Ireland finish third, then four points should be enough to see them through. If it goes to UEFA national team coefficient, Sweden are higher than Ireland.

A draw will almost certainly not be enough even if they finish third on two points.

Highest points total possible for third: Four
Lowest points total possible for third: One


Hungary: Need a point against Portugal to secure a top-two finish, but must win to guarantee top spot. They will also finish top with a draw if Iceland do not beat Austria by at least two goals. There is the chance that Hungary and Iceland will end with identical records for first, if so the fair play position sees Iceland on five disciplinary points and Hungary on four. If it goes to UEFA national team coefficient, Hungary are higher than Iceland.

Hungary are guaranteed a top-three finish and are highly likely to qualify with four points if they finish third.

Iceland: Need a point to secure a top-three finish, but must beat Austria to be sure of being in the top two. A point would also be enough for second place if Hungary beat Portugal.

Iceland and Portugal are currently level on two points, with Iceland second on goals scored (2-2 vs. 1-1), so if both nations draw it would first be decided on goals scored but could go to fairplay record if both nations end up with identical scoring records in the group. At present, Iceland have five disciplinary points and Portugal just two. If it goes to UEFA national team coefficient, Portugal are higher than Iceland. If Iceland finish third on three points it might not be enough for one of the four best places.

Portugal: Must beat Hungary to be certain of going through, and that would be as group winners if Iceland do not beat Austria or if Iceland win by a smaller margin. The above scenarios for separating Portugal and Iceland with two draws (for second and third) would also apply if both win for the right to be group winners and runners-up.

Austria: Must beat Iceland, and that will only be good enough for the top two if Portugal do not beat Hungary. A Portuguese win means Austria can finish no higher than third, though if Austria win then four points would likely see them through as a best third placed team.

Highest points total possible for third: Four
Lowest points total possible for third: Two

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This is how the round of 16 ties will be created for the best third-placed nations.

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