The top two teams in each group are guaranteed to qualify for the round of 16 at Euro 2016, and they will be joined by the four best third-place teams. There are six groups.

In the event that two or more teams finish level on points within a group, the tiebreakers are as follows:

1. Head-to-head points between the teams in question.
2. Head-to-head goal difference between the teams in question.
3. Head-to-head goals scored between the teams in question.
4. Goal difference in all group games.
5. Goals scored in all group games.
6. If two teams are still level and play each other in the final group game, they will have a penalty shootout.
7. Fair play record (three points for a red, one for a yellow).
8. Drawing of lots.

In deciding the best third-place teams, the tiebreakers are:

1. Points.
2. Goal difference.
3. Goals scored.
4. Fair play record (three points for a red, one for a yellow).
5. UEFA national team coefficient ranking.

Qualified for round of 16: France, Italy, Spain


France: Have qualified for the round of 16 and need a point against Switzerland to top the group.

Switzerland: Need a point against France to be certain of second place, and will top the group by beating the hosts in Lyon on Sunday. Switzerland would also go through in second if Romania fail to beat Albania. The Swiss are assured of a top-three finish.

Romania: Must beat Albania to have a chance of qualifying, and need Switzerland to lose to possibly take second place. If Albania win by one goal and Switzerland lose by one goal, then both teams will have the same points and goal difference, so second place would be decided on goals scored. If they cannot be separated on this, then it comes down to fair play on red and yellow cards. At present, Romania have seven disciplinary points and Switzerland four, so the Swiss would advance, though these numbers could change in the final group game. If there is no separation after disciplinary record, lots would be drawn.

If Romania win by two goals, or Switzerland lose by two goals, then Romania would finish second on goal difference.

Even if Romania win and finish third on four points, that could be enough to put them through.

Albania: Must beat Romania and hope three points is enough to take one of the four berths for third-place teams.


England: Are assured of a top-three finish and would secure the top spot with a victory over Slovakia. A point against Slovakia would also seal first position if Wales fail to beat Russia.

Wales: Must beat Russia to be certain of a top-two place. A draw would also seal second place if Slovakia fail to beat England. Wales can top the group only by beating Russia while England fail to beat Slovakia.

If Wales lose to Russia, they can finish no higher than third and would finish bottom if Slovakia claim a point against England. If both Wales and Slovakia lose, then Wales would finish third on head-to-head and would have to hope three points is enough to go through.

Slovakia: Victory over England would secure their passage, and that would be as group winners if Wales do not beat Russia. A draw with England would mean Slovakia can finish no lower than third in the group, and they would finish second if Russia beat Wales (since Slovakia beat Russia in the group meeting).

Russia: Must beat Wales to stand any chance, and would be guaranteed at least third place with that result. The only way they can finish in the top two is if England beat Slovakia, or if England lose and goal difference swings in Russia’s favour. If England and Russia finish level on goal difference, it will come down to fair play — at present England and Russia are level on one disciplinary point so a drawing of lots would be possible.


Germany: Need a point against Northern Ireland to guarantee qualification. Top spot is very much up for grabs, and if Germany and Poland both win, it will come down to goal difference. If goal difference and goals scored finish identical, it would be decided on fair play record — at present Poland have five disciplinary points and Germany three. As in other groups, if they cannot be separated on fair play, teams will draw lots for group position.

If Germany draw their game, they will finish top unless Poland beat Ukraine. With a defeat, Germany would drop to third if Poland get a point against Ukraine. The same tiebreak scenarios apply if Poland and Germany finish level on points for second and third, with Northern Ireland top.

Poland: Need a point against Ukraine to guarantee second place — with a draw, Poland could not be overtaken by both Germany and Northern Ireland but could not finish top either. Poland must win to have a chance of finishing top, and would do so if Germany do not win. Poland will be sure of second if they lose to Ukraine and Northern Ireland do not beat Germany. Even if Poland do lose and drop down to third, four points is likely to be enough to reach the round of 16.

Northern Ireland: Must beat Germany to have any chance of a top-two finish, and would then win the group if Poland fail to beat Ukraine. A point against Germany would only see Northern Ireland finish third, but it could be crucial in trying to secure one of the best third-place finishes as it would give them four points.

Ukraine: Are the first team to be eliminated from Euro 2016.


Spain: Have qualified for the round of 16 and need a point against Croatia to take top spot.

Croatia: Need a point against Spain to guarantee second place, but must beat Vicente Del Bosque’s team to finish first. Croatia are guaranteed a top-three finish, and would likely go through in third place with four points.

Czech Republic: Must beat Turkey, and also hope Croatia lose to Spain, to be in the top two. Second place would then be decided on goal difference, and if that finishes identically, it moves to fair play. Going into the final game, Croatia are on four disciplinary points and the Czechs on two. As in other instances, four points might be enough to go through regardless.

Turkey: Must beat Czech Republic and hope three points is enough for a place in the knockout rounds, though their heavy defeat to Spain makes that unlikely.


Italy: Have qualified for the round of 16 as group winners as they hold the head-to-head over Belgium.

Belgium: Need a point against Sweden to secure second place.

Sweden: Must beat Belgium to go through in second, no other result is likely to send them through, and even then there is the outside chance that Ireland could overtaken them on goal difference. A draw is unlikely to be good enough if they were to finish third on two points.

Ireland: Have to beat Italy, and hope Sweden beat Belgium to have a chance of finishing second. Even then, the Irish would have to beat Italy by at least two more goals than Belgium win to go ahead on goal difference. If goal difference and goals scored finished identical it would go to fair play — Ireland currently have three disciplinary points and Sweden two. If Ireland and Belgium both win, but Ireland finish third, then four points should be enough to see them through. A draw will almost certainly not be enough even if they finish third on two points.


The permutations for Hungary, Iceland, Portugal and Austria will be added after Saturday’s group games.

This is how the round of 16 ties will be created for the best third-placed nations.