HOTTEST AUGUST: Blistering Spanish plume to spark UK heatwave scorcher to last till autumn

“A major plume of warm air from Africa and the Continent will arrive in the UK bringing near-record temperatures, certainly among the top five highest for the month.

“Highs of 33C-plus are more than likely, and we are expecting warmer temperatures than we saw during the very hot spell last month.”

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said this weekend could mark the start of a two-week heatwave with warm weather expected to hold out through much of August.

He said: “Maximum temperatures are likely to near or exceed the 30C in parts of the south and many other areas can look forward to temperatures in the mid to high 20’s at the very least.

“It may also feel warmer within the rising humidity levels and with the wall to wall sunshine that is likely to develop within this period of warm to hot weather.

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