Hart sends parting blow to Guardiola after Man City farewell: Fans left me emotional

He admitted there “is a situation” with Guardiola but insisted they had been professional about it. “That was a really special night for me,” said Hart. “I have had a lot of good nights in football but it was a really nice night.

“We all know there is a situation going on but I feel that inside the club – outside of all the circus – we are handling it well as a good team with a good management staff.

“The support of the fans brought a lump to my throat. This is a special place for me, I don’t think there has been any secret made of that. It is a place I love to be but situations occur in football but we are men, we get on with it. I really appreciate the people of man city and it turns out they appreciate me.

“It’s a situation, we have a top manager that the club has wanted for a long, long time and he will have his opinion on things and outside of the charade and all the rubbish that is being talked, we are dealing with it like men inside and we will come up with a solution.”

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