Happy Birthday Your Majesty: Heartwarming new photo shows Queen at 90 surrounded by family

The image is one of three taken by Leibovitz to celebrate the monarch’s 90th birthday.

In a display of Girl Power, the Queen is also pictured in an informal shot in the white drawing room at Windsor with her only daughter, Princess Anne.

The affection between them is plain to see as Anne, in three layers – a polo neck, shirt and jumper – sits close to her mother on a sofa, her arm resting behind her mother.

And, of course, the third photo captures the world’s most famous dog lover with her four remaining pets, her corgis Willow and Holly and dorgis – a cross between a dachshund and a corgi – Vulcan and Candy.

Surrounded by her beloved dogs, she has one arm in her pale blue coat pocket as she prepares to climb the steps at the rear of the East Terrace and East Garden at Windsor.

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