GOT HIM! ISIS military chief OBLITERATED by US airstrike as jihadi cult faces annihilation

The additional troops will join the 4,600 soldiers already working to defeat ISIS in Mosul, in order to enable America to fulfil its promise of returning the city to Iraqi authorities by the end of the year.

ISIS first occupied Mosul in 2014, and has subjected local people to a reign of terror, but the US is on a mission to retake the city and return it to Iraqi authorities by the end of the year.

The city had a population of 2.5million before it was seized by the ruthless extremists, but it is estimated that 500,000 civilians managed to flee before the jihadis arrived.

The remaining two million have been forced to endure the militants’ horrific governance, with ISIS killing and exiling up to 70,000 Christians and selling local Yazidi women as sex slaves.

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